Reinforcements for the Novan Regulars are in!

Novan Regulars Urban Troops - 6.00

Set contains:

4 x Urban rifle squads, 40 figures.

Novan Regulars Urban Specialists - 7.00

Set contains 44 models in a ratio of:

8 x officers

2 x political officers

2 x field radio operators

2 x banner bearers

2 x light squad support weapon troopers

4 x prone snipers

8 x support weapon crewmen

2 x standing spotters

2 x heavy mortar

2 x quad launcher

2 x light auto-cannon towed

2 x auto-cannon ammo trailer

4 x quad bike utility tractor unmanned

2 x quad bike utility tractor manned

Aaaaaaand, a little teaser of things to come for 3mm...