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Thread: Dropfleet Commander

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    Dropfleet Commander

    Anyone else on Wartent as excited as I am? Dropfleet Commander should start shipping soon and I can't wait to get mine.

    For those who don't know what it is, it's an orbital space wargame based in the Dropzone Commander universe with rules by Andy Chambers.
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    Re: Dropfleet Commander

    I'm sure their was a thread on this already...

    It won't turn up till the end of July, but I've got a lot of stuff to shift before then! Contemplating getting an airbrush and a fume extractor (well, making one) so that I can undercoat and base layer inside, since it won't stop raining!

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    Dropfleet Commander?

    Anyone who plays Dropfleet Commander around who'd like to share how the game turned out in the end?

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    Re: Dropfleet Commander?

    Sadly not yet; one of those games on my radar which I haven't pulled the trigger on.
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    Re: Dropfleet Commander?

    I have a box full o sprues but no chance to paint them yet. Not sure who I am going to play against at the moment either.

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    Re: Dropfleet Commander?

    Haven't had a chance to play it, yet, but it has a good following locally. In fact, most of the DropZONE players have taken to it quite enthusiastically. It has definitely subsumed any of the Spartan Games options in that field as well. The local Talons have a "Learn the Game" announced for this Saturday and setup regular tournaments every other month or so.
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    Re: Dropfleet Commander

    Dropfleet is awesone. Any of you guys in the UK looking for a game?
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