This month I have painted Bloody Barnabas (Hordes Minions Warcaster).

His colour is a lot lighter than that of the gators I have painted last month, because of his old age.

Barnabas is perhaps the oldest gatorman in all of western Immoren .....
He knows no fear and is convinced of his superiority to everything that walks or breathes .....
But the years have begun to take a toll ....
He intends to transcend his mortal shell as their new god, and nothing else matters to him ....
He will assemble all gatormen under one banner to lead them in a great battle, and at the peak of slaughter
and destruction, he will feast upon the energies of death.
This energy combined with the reverence of his people will, so he believes, fuel his apotheosis.

(Quoted from Hordes Minions book)

I have put Barnabas on a sacred stone to symbolise his quest to godhood.
I made this stone from green insulation foam and green stuff.
On the sides you see a gatorman, an ironback spitter (turtle) and a swamp horror (octopus)

In July I will paint a proxy for Gundrun the wanderer (Ogre).