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Thread: The Narva Reclamation - An Unofficial Imperial Armour

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    The Narva Reclamation - An Unofficial Imperial Armour

    The Narva Reclamation - An Unofficial Imperial Armour

    Welcome to my very ambitious project log, where I attempt to follow in the path of Forgeworld, and create my very own Imperial Armour book. This unofficial Imperial Armour book will involve my two forces, and will include (hopefully) a great story, great pictures, great presentation, custom scenarios, characters, and rules. The full works

    The Forces

    Army number one: Tau
    Why the Tau Empire? The Tau were my first army and I just loved there alternate ascetics and the whole ‘we are a shining light in the darkness’ thing. One thing that I want to attempt to do is represent the grim 40k universe and the poverty tau face; something I don’t believe Games Workshop do enough to convey.

    Army number two: Sisters of Battle
    Why the Adeptus Soraritas? Well in many ways, fluff wise, the Adeptus Soraritas and the Tau are two sides of the same coin. They both have a unique form of Imperialism. Now with GW neglecting the SoB, it provides great opportunity for ‘Gaming in the Gaps’

    Taros Campaign
    Eastern Empire
    Pre-heresy Iron Warriors - Love the organisation, layout and attention to detail in this Log
    Three Hives Rebellion - Some of the best custom fluff i have ever had the privilege to read
    Legacy40k's Tau Prototypes
    Tau Drop Troops

    My Requirements
    As you can imagine with a project of this size, a lot is required. It takes Forgeworld years to produce theirs, and they have all their very talented members of staff. I have myself, and hopefully a supportive and encouraging hobby community to drive my along. I have this project in two stages

    Stage One: Content Creation

    Stage Two

    The Story so far
    Chapter one:

    Chapter Two:

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