Time for another update.

I've managed to finish the five Seekers in the current list for the Emperor's Children. Though complete I feel something is missing? Not sure if it's the lack of white to show elite status or simply due to how bare the armour on the mark is.

I've also finished the first five Havocs for the Iron Warriors. I decided to mix in a couple of the alternate pad colours from the book just to break them up, which will also spread to the other units.

Also, question for those that look (hi) When it comes to the Drop pods for the Emperor's Children I'm really struggling to paint them due to the white, I already decided to cheat with weathing them, but getting the while smooth enough on the other panels is destroying me, bar, other Dreadclaws and the Dreadnought pod, what would you guys recommend? Currently I'm thinking of just picking out the same part of the fins in White, but keep everything else purple.