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Thread: Imperium Secundus: Rebuilding

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    Imperium Secundus: Rebuilding

    + 'Lost? Lost, you say?' the Rubricist shook his head, gently. 'Records may be over-written; information hidden or recollated; but it is never truly lost. not while one soul remembers. Here, for example.' With a slow wave, he swept his hand, haptically-enhanced with a filigreed steel calligraphrame, across the memory banks. They were in a sorry state of affairs. Smoke and dust lay heavy over them. Both time and disaster had clearly eaten through the brass discs and crystalline plates of mnemo-storage. 'Here. This may look bad now, but I'm sure there's something.' +

    + He and his companions knelt, and began picking through the shards. They worked in silence for some time, the only sound the soughing of the wind, and the occasional scrape of metal on stone. After a short period, the red-cowled autolocutor's skin creased around his sallow cheeks. He stood slowly, pneumatics hissing. 'The Hypon monolith!' +

    A time of hidden conflict and secret warfare; when battle-lines were drawn and re-drawn between brother and brother. This is a record of those times, set forth by autolocutor Apologist.

    The ancient and crumbling Apocrypha of Davio, a relic of the Second Founding, lists eight successor Chapters to the Thirteenth Legion.

    The later Apocrypha of Skaros states there were twenty-three successors to the Ultramarines, but does not list them all...

    Herein lies the tale of the brethren of the Praetors of Calth...

    So began my painting log all the way back in May 2006. A lot's happened since then, but the Ultramarines of the 15th Chapter 'Praetors of Calth' were always one of my favourite armies. The burndown of Warseer means that I've got the opportunity to start over; so instead of lots of different blogs for my various armies and projects, I thought I'd keep one central blog here for all my Space Marine and Imperial forces. I hope you'll join me for the ride!
    What can we expect?

    Ultramarines The Praetors of Calth

    190th Company

    Iron Warriors Officio Monstrosa

    Imperial Fists Team Fisto

    Iron Hands May You Live Forever

    Blood Angels Echo Choir

    ...and doubtless some other bits and pieces. Warseer was always a great site for me, I'm delighted it's back, and I hope you'll join me in sifting through the wreckage to rebuild.
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    Imperium Secundus
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    Re: Imperium Secundus: Rebuilding

    I like your paintning, it look like John Blanche style.
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    Re: Imperium Secundus: Rebuilding

    Thumbs up.
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    Re: Imperium Secundus: Rebuilding

    Dude I follow your blog! I love your painting style? Would you call it impressionist?

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    Re: Imperium Secundus: Rebuilding

    Re-following this most awesome of logs, your work on the Praetors is some of my favorite 40K work.
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    Re: Imperium Secundus: Rebuilding

    I've always been a fan of your work - consider me subscribed!
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    Re: Imperium Secundus: Rebuilding

    Pure class as always Apologist!
    Your work is always inspirational.

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    Re: Imperium Secundus: Rebuilding


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    Re: Imperium Secundus: Rebuilding

    Love stuff!

    Are you excited you'll be able to buy Primaris Marine helmets to take the place of sculpting your own soon?

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    Re: Imperium Secundus: Rebuilding

    Love your style apologist

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    Re: Imperium Secundus: Rebuilding

    Those are some damn fine marines!
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    Re: Imperium Secundus: Rebuilding

    Great stuff there Apologist.



    PS: 5/5 for the Thread.

    Welcome back everyone. Please check your old PLOGs and update any photos that have been lost in the hack.
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