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    8.5/9 warhammer project ideas

    For a while now I've been watching the various ways people want to carry on playing some kind of warhammer, many have great ideas but I think like many people, they seems to lack some of things I want in a game. Currently I'm trying to thinking of ways that I revamp the core rules to make it a better gaming experience, below are some of my ideas, Once I'm happy with the finally list of rules, I'll post up some kind .doc or .pdf file.

    The Turn

    1 Movement

    2 Magic

    3 Shooting

    4 Close combat

    5 Rallying

    One game turn will therefore comprise of both player alternatively activating each of his units in each phase. At the beginning of each phase, the players roll off to see who wins the initiative, the winner deciding which player activates the first unit.

    Bonuses and Penalties

    A bonus is a one point improvement to a stat. For example, a bonus to (WS)4, would increase the models (WS) to 5. A penalty is a one point reduction to a stat. For example, a penalty to (WS)4, would decrease the models (WS) to 3


    Models that declare a charge move 2D3+M”, if the Total is equal or greater to the distance between the two unit, the charge is successful and move the models into base contact. If the total is less, the charge is failed, the unit only move half the total of 2D3+M. Models with the swiftstride rule roll an additional D3 for charge moves.

    When a unit charges into either a single, or a unit of 5 of less models, instead of aligning against the charged unit, the charged unit aligns against the charging unit.

    Units wishing to make either a march, charge, overrun or pursue move through forests must take a dangerous terrain test (with the exception of single models, skirmishers War Beasts and Swarms). Cavalry, Monstrous Cavalry and Chariots will fail dangerous terrain tests on a roll of a 1 or 2. Fliers need only take a dangerous terrain test if they either start or finish a move within a forest.

    Models moving over a road gain +D3 to any move it makes (with the exception of fliers).

    Models with Random movement of 3D6 now roll 3 dice, and discard the lowest dice roll

    Charge Reactions

    Units must take a take a leadership test to use a charge reaction other than, stand and shoot or flee. This test suffers a triple penalty if the charging unit starts it's move, within it's base Movement value (for a human, 4”).

    Standard and shoot: as before
    Hold: as before

    Change formation: Leadership tests for change formation are made on the units unmodified leadership value. If the test is passed, the unit may immediately change its formation to any legal formation.


    When generating the winds of magic, roll 4D6 and divide them equally between both players. The odd dice goes to the person who activates the first unit. This creates your power pool which is used for casting and dispelling spells.

    I wizard wishing to cast a spell is restricted on how many power dice he may use. The total power dice he may use is equal to his wizards level, plus an additional three power dice.

    When dispelling a spell, firstly you declare which of your wizards will attempt to dispel the enemies spell. If the opponent wizard is a higher level than yours, subtract one from your dice roll, if you have no wizard, subtract two from your dice roll.

    A spell is cast with irresistible for if two or more 6's is roll, if two of more 1's are rolled, the spell automatically fails, the wizard must now roll on the miscast table.

    Change all spells, possible more in line with 6th ed warhammer, no more lore attributes.

    penalize using large amounts of dice when miscasting


    Go back to 6th ed style LoS, terrain and units block LoS based on size, you can see up to 2" into/out of a forest

    Lvl 1 Swarms
    Lvl 2 Infantry, Warbeasts, chariots
    lvl 3 cavalry, Monstrous infantry, monstrous beasts
    lvl 4 Monstrous cavalry, monsters
    lvl 5 large targets

    Either rework cover system so it provides like in 40k or rework weapons that don't use BS.

    Weapons/Armour Piercing (AP)

    Strength would no longer have a save mod, instead all save mods would exclusively be covered by weapons and unit types.

    Close combat weapons

    Halberds: Bonus to strength, AP1, Anti-cavalry, requires two hands
    Great Weapons: Double bonus to strength, AP2, penalty to WS, requires two hands
    Hand Weapon & Shield: Bonus to WS (front only), +1 save,
    Paired Weapons: +1Attack, reroll rolls of a one to hit, requires two hands
    Spear: (frontal only), Attack in 2 additional ranks, triple bonus to Initiative vs cavalry, Anti-Cavalry.
    Flails: Double bonus to strength (Ap2 for first round of combat), requires two hands
    Morning star: Bonus to strength, penalty to WS (ap2 for first round of combat)
    Lance: Double bonus to strength on charge, ap2, double bonus to Initiative on charge
    Mounted Spear: Bonus to strength on charge, ap1, bonus to Initiative on charge
    Ensorcelled weapons: Bonus to strength, Ap1, magical weapons
    Wight blades: As weapon type, magical weapons
    Brace of pistols: penalty to WS, S4, ap2, +1 attack, requires two hands

    Ranged Weapons

    Short Bow: Range 16” S3, quick to fire, +1 hit at short range
    Long Bow: Range 30” S3
    Hand Gun: Range 24” S4 Ap2, reload
    Crossbow: Range 30” S4 ap1,
    Repeater Crossbow: Range 24”, S3, Ap1, multi-shot (2), quick to fire
    Pistol: Range 8” S4, Ap2, reload
    Brace of pistols: 8” S4, Ap2, multi-shot (2), quick to fire

    Close combat

    To Hit
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    1 4 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6
    2 3 4 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6
    3 2 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 6 6
    4 2 2 3 4 4 4 5 5 6 6
    5 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 5 5
    6 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 4
    7 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4
    8 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4
    9 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4
    10 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4

    Supporting attacks: Models making supporting attacks may attack with half its attacks (rounded up)

    When a character is within a infantry (and if the same type), enemy models suffers a -1 to its to hit rolls. This penalty is ignored when the character is fighting a challenge.

    When a unit loses a round of combat must take a break test, the following modifiers may apply:

    -1 if the unit sustained 25% casualties in a single round
    -1 if the unit sustained 50% casualties in a single round
    -1 If less than 25% of the unit remains
    -1 Per flank/flank engaged by a unit with 2 complete ranks.
    +1 if it sustained fewer casualties than the engaged unit.

    Special Rules

    Stomp: models with this special rule gain an additional attack, this attack is resolved at the units base strength. When rolling to hit, the models use their initiative value, instead of WS.

    Frenzy: Models with this rule gain an additional attack , are immune to psychology and, when an enemy model calculates its to hit roll, the frenzied model is treated as having a penalty to its weapon skill. In the case of a mounted model, only the rider gains the additional attack. Units that have the Frenzy rule that defeat an enemy combat, must always attempt to pursue a fleeing enemy.

    During the charge phase, if a unit could of declared a legal charge, but didn't, it must take a leadership test, if the test is failed, the unit/model must charge the nearest enemy unit.

    Unnatural speed: When engaged in combat, against a unit of lower initiative, it gains a bonus to its weapon skill.

    Hatred: when the model/unit is engaged with a hated enemy, for the first round of combat, the model/unit, rerolls, failed to hit rolls. In addition, the unit/model, must always pursue a hated enemy. It a model/unit doesn't specify what it hates, it's assumed to hate all enemy models.

    Magic resistance: When casting a spell against a unit with this rule, the unit gains an additional free dispel dice.

    Breath Weapons: Breath weapons may either be used as either a shooting weapon, or a special close combat attack. Place the special flamer unit template over the enemy unit. Any model touched by the template, suffers a hit on a roll of a 4+.

    Anti-Cavalry: Models/weapons with this special gain the Critical strike special rule, when engaged with mounted, monstrous infantry, or monsters . In addition, models with the anti-cavalry special rule, cause fear in Cavalry model

    Critical strike: Models with this special rule that roll a 6 to wound, ignores the Armour of the enemy model. If this is against a infantry or cavalry model, the model will be slain outright, regardless of how many wounds it has.

    Fear: When engaged with a enemy model/unit that causes, the model/unit must take a fear test. If the test is failed, the unit unit/model reduces it's WS by the unit size ratio difference (min -1ws, may bot be reduced below WS1). If a unit is defeated in combat by a unit it fears, the unit reduces it's leadership by the unit ratio, size difference (rounding up).

    Ethereal: 2++ save, 5++ save against magical attacks

    Large targets: Allow all models in unit to fire against model, gains no cover bonus from model lvl3 or below. When in a challenge enemy models may still attack the model.

    Reload: models with this special rule require a turn to reload, as such they may only be fired, every, other turn.

    Skirmishers:Skirmishers have the Skirmish Formation, Free Reform, Fire on the March and Light Troops special rules. They also follow special rules for Line of Sight. A skirmishing unit does not have a specific facing and can see all round (that is, it has an arc of sight of 360°), regardless of the actual facing of its models. This means that skirmishers can declare charges and shoot in any direction.
    If skirmishers are successfully charged, they line up with the enemy instead of the other way around. Unless they were already engaged in close combat, skirmishers will turn to face their chargers and their charged side becomes the front of their unit when they form up. In subsequent rounds of combat, the Skirmishing unit can then be charged in the flank or rear as normal.
    Additionally, due to their light equipment and higher mobility, Skirmishers get a +1 bonus on Dangerous Terrain rolls.

    Fast Cavalry:
    In the Shooting Phase, Fast Cavalry models can fire all around, regardless of the direction in which the models are facing.
    Note that for declaring Charges, Stand & Shoot reactions etc. the model needs to be facing the enemy as normal.

    Unit Types

    Heavy Infantry:
    These would generally be the multi wound infantry on 40mm bases
    counts as two models for purpose of minimum ranks.


    Steeds may attack
    Rest as per normal

    Monstrous Infantry/Beasts:
    Models have Ap1
    Rest as per normal
    counts as two models for purpose of minimum ranks.

    Monstrous Cavalry:
    Rest as per normal
    Mounts in 2nd rank may attack with half attacks rounded up.
    Mounts have Ap1
    Rest as per normal
    combined profile (updated)
    counts as two models for purpose of minimum ranks.

    Count has having a complete rank
    Model has Ap2
    Rest as per normal


    Line: Must be at least twice as wide as it is deep (minimum of 5 models wide) . Only models in the front row may attack, up to 3 rows may fire. Models with the reload special rule may half the number of rows that may fire (round up) to fire every turn (as long as the unit has two complete ranks).

    Rectangle: The width must be at least two points greater, and no more than twice the size in depth (minimum of 6 models wide). 2 rows may fight, up to 2 rows may fire

    Square: The width must be equal to, or one point greater than the depth (minimum of 5 models wide). The first 3 rows my fight, one row my fire.Units in this formation suffer -1M (dwarfs could be immune to this)

    Ram: Depth must be greater than the width (minimum of 4 models wide). First 3 rows may fight, first row my fire. Units suffers -1M

    Column: Unit must be 3 models wide. First row may fight, first 2 may shoot. Units gains +2M

    Horde Formation: Centered (minimum of 5 models wide, 3 for monstrous infantry). The odd number rows have exactly one more model than the even numbers rows. First two rows may fight, the first row my shoot.

    Combined profiles

    Combined profiles would be changed from using highest T and W to a basic formula which be adjusted based on specific creatures. Mounted models no longer gain +1 save, this is replaced by the additional wound.

    Cavalry +1W
    Monstrous Cavalry +2W
    Chariots +3W+1T
    Monsters +4W +1T
    Dragons +5W, +2T

    Magic Items

    Items that provide a 4++ save or allow a save to rerolled would be removed from the game. Ideally, the common item list would be halved, while the book specific items would be doubled.


    As a guideline, characters would longer gain +1S&T bar a few exceptions (orc characters would probably gain +1S).

    Victory Conditions

    Dead or fled:
    Each enemy unit that has fled the table, has been destroyed or is fleeing at the end of the battle is worth its point cost in Victory Points.

    Battle attrition:
    Each enemy unit that has been reduced to below half of its original starting number of models and Characters reduced below half their starting number of Wounds are worth half their point cost in Victory Points (rounded up). Do not count this if Victory Points have already been awarded for the unit being wiped out.

    Human 4.4pts
    Chaos warrior 16.25pts
    Ogre 40pts
    Chaos Lord 136pts
    Tyrant 148
    Elf 6.9pts
    Dwarf 6.9pts
    Saurus 9.65pts
    Shaggoth 235pts

    M=0.25pts WS=1pts BS=0.25pts S=1pts T=1pts W=4pts I=0.25pts a=3pts Ld=0.5pts Any models over 10pts are multiples by 1.25. These points are before any special rules or equipment are taken into account. I', still debating if the points per WS is to high, I might change it to 1.75pts. Heroes will pay double points for equipment while lords will pay triple points for equipment.

    I'm going to be updating this document, rather than editing the first post.
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