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    Re: Space Hulk up for pre-order

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Damocles View Post
    Did the final game fix the awful pronunciation of Belial from the trailer (Bee-lee-al)?
    Sort of? Which is to say not at all. Sometimes the exact same voice actor says the Bee's Lees, other times he says it as you'd actually expect (but 'lee' is the dominant pronunciation). Same with Primus. It's said as both 'pry' and 'pree.' Again, with the same voice actor saying both versions- apparently he got different direction in different takes.

    Sound in general is an area where this game is particularly woeful. I had playthrough videos going, and eventually lost interest and had them playing as background noise, but every so often it would jolt me to attention with something fairly appalling. Eventually I just gave up.
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