Started with:

Basically, I followed Sperian's guide on MWG for how to convert a deffkopta to a warbike. I added a couple of forks on the front wheel, and a kromlech resin wheel on the back. Since I'm doing a pirate/ocean theme and I've already done a few sand/water bases for my completed boyz, I wanted to try to make this bike look like he was riding out of the surf.

I looked for a few techniques but the final one that seemed to get the look I mostly wanted was to use cotton balls and gloss mod podge. Next time I'm going to try to do some greenblue washes and layer up the cotton balls, so I have more of a blue look and not total white/clear. I tried to do the washes after but it really didn't work on my test piece so I left it as is.

I also used the fishing line and watereffects (or glue) trick, but I subbed nylon thread as I happen to have some that's very thin. I tried to build up the water effects (Vallejo still water) slowly to make it look like water droplets flying off.