Hi there!

If you've seen my 4th Ed Warhammer PLog, you may know what to expect here.

This PLog will showcase my 40K armies, built for 2nd Edition, the edition I play. Oh, Except for Squats and Salamanders. They already have their own PLogs.

In here you can expect to see Eldar, Genestealer Cult, Chaos, Dark Eldar and Imperial Guard (Catachan). In the future you may see some Ad Mech as well amongst others.

Now just because I play 2nd Ed doesn't mean that these are all awesome older miniatures. Indeed, some are awesome newer miniatures. Before anyone asks, I cobbled together a 2nd ed Dark Eldar army list.

Anyhow, on with the pictures!


You may have seen and Eldar Plog I did a while ago, well after leafing through some old White dwarfs, I got inspired to build an army using (mostly) older miniatures. First up is my lonely Dire Avenger Exarch.

Genestealer Cult

A lonely Magus.

Dark Eldar

One of my first PLogs on Warseer was a Dark Eldar PLog, The Kabal of the Bloody Tongue. As time went on and I painted more and more of my army, I also began to dislike my colour scheme more and more. Anyhow, long story short, Biostrip.