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Thread: High Elf Project: The Lion Princes(s) of Chrace

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    High Elf Project: The Lion Princes(s) of Chrace

    Wohoo! Warseer is back on! To celebrate, I post some of my new Warhammer/9th Age project. It's a HE army, loosely themed for Chrace. Not too original, but anyway. I found out that I like painting these lions and lion guys (and gals - you'll see) and so I thought to aim for a small 1200-2000 pts themed army.

    Colors used are sandy and pale: gold, metal, leather, sand, beige, white, off-whites, some blues. The elves are battling either in the coastlines of Ulthuan or some distant desert, as suggested by the bases and trays. To start with, I post some pictures of the iconic unit of lion riders. I had so much trouble with them, but finally managed to bring them to somewhat honorable conclusion.

    I took some extra effort to magnetize not only the tray and the minis, but also riders to their saddles, so they can be swapped later.
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