As each end of year Mantic has again proposed their "Crazy Box" offer, where they put semi random models from their collection in a box, and sell them for something like half the model values.

Here the store page if you want to order one while it's still available :

Sure, you often get duplicates models or other things that you cannot use, but you usually get more than your money worth anyways, and this year in addition half the boxes come with an additionnal random bonus

This year I ordered 2 Fantasy boxes that I got my package yesterday.

please note that you get no bases (outside the pre-glued ones coming with Dungeon Saga models), but you can always buy somes on Mantic webstore or make your own.

Now to the boxes contents :

- 3 hard plastic sprues

Box A : basileans mens-at-arms, lower abyssals, succubis
Box B : basileans mens-at-arms, lower abyssals, revenant command sprue
(the revenant sprue is really nice, as it is packed with 10 models so enough for a troop while the other sprues are only for 5 models)

- restic hero

Both boxes got Lady Illona (undead vampire heroine)

- special model usually only available for Mantic points

Box A : undead dog and handler
Box B : mounted undead army standard

- Bag with all the monsters from a Dungeon Saga expansions

Box A : abyssals models from "infernal crypts"
(pic :

Box B : orcs and goblins from "the warlord of Galahir"
(pic :

- 3 misc Dungeon saga monsters

Box A : hellhound (in addition to the one in the bag), goblin spearman, goblin archer
Box B : efreet, undead dwarf, basilean solider zombie

- one boar chariot without rider per box
(the same used for orc and ogre chariots, so I got 2 in total)

I also got in one box a resin Dungeon saga elven hero, looks very nice, and it's probably the "bonus"
Sure, it's less impressive than a dredball team or a dragon, but resin models like that can be rather expensives, and if it's like I think a special model from the DS kickstarter then it's probably a limited model not available otherwise, so I'm rather happy with it

Please note that this is only from a sample of 2 boxes, it's perfectly possible that boxes packed later might follow a different structure, but this should give a nice overview of the boxes potential as well as help identify the bonuses that half the boxes are supposed to get.

On the whole I am really happy with this year crazy boxes.
The fact that we can chose Fantasy or Scifi version is also very nice, it's not that I don't like the sf models, but having done most of the kickstarter I am already full of Dreadball/warpath/deadzone models for all factions (I probably have at lest one of almost all mantic scifi models), while on the Fantasy side the scale of armies means that I'm always hungry for more models. ^_^

I'm almost tempted to order a second pair of boxes, even if I get the same core, most of the models should be perfectly useable, and some duplicates would bring new options (even Lady Illona, if I get her 2 more times I suppose that I could use 4 models of her with some additionnal "minions" on an unit base to represent a troop of soul reavers on foot)

If you ordered a Fantasy or Scifi box this year please feel free to post the contents in this thread.