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Thread: Chaos Project Logs

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    Chaos Project Logs

    A place for your Chaos Armies for 40K.

    Please note we have a Horus Heresy Sub-Forum for Warhammer 30K and Pre-Heresy armies.

    There are reports that image uploads are still failing. In the meantime though, you should be able to use the [IMG] tag to add images from external sites such as photobucket.


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    Welcome back everyone. Please check your old PLOGs and update photos that have been lost in the hack or Photobucket block.
    Elysian Army PLOG - Tau Army PLOG - Ork Army PLOG - Sisters of Battle PLOG - Necromunda Imperial Guard Army PLOG - Alaitoc Eldar PLOG
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    Re: Chaos Project Logs

    Hey there - I'm going to post a new thread on my anachronistic CSM army as soon as I'm allowed. I want some feedback/ideas.

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