With the release of the new Rubrics, I've once again started building up my Chaos forces but with a new paint scheme. My previous scheme was black, silver and blue, but my skills and available tools have improved a bit since I finished them a couple of years ago. With a bit of encouragement from my better half, I've embarked on a new paint scheme to go along with the new sculpts that are coming out. I was also inspired by the painting logs on here (especially those by Tzen) and thought it would be nice to track my progress and show off a little bit.

I started by doing a test scheme, and needed to get an old model for the task. To my surprise, I had actually painted almost every Chaos model in my collection, with only a couple of Chosen from the Dark Vengeance set not already primed and painted. So I built one to act as my test model, and built my three Exalted Sorcerers for painting as soon as the test was done.

The second step has been to find the right color for the armor, which has turned out to be a blend of Lothern Blue and Warpstone Glow. Using a glaze Medium from Vallejo, I worked the armor plates to be more green at the edges and more blue towards the center. Next step: NMM gold on all the armor trim.