A few weeks ago after playing a 1000 point Kings of War battle at my local club with ratkin I came to the realisation that I still havent painted half of my Skaven models. I started collecting Skaven as my first ever army about 13 (which is quite a nice number to start a Skaven quest )years ago.
This made me start a quest to finally finish all of my Skaven models. For now I will only be painting up all the models that can be transitioned to Kings of War, as I stopped playing Warhammer/AoS when the Old World got the axe.
I have always been a huge fan of Clan Mors and am sticking to their color scheme.
I hope this blog can help keep me motivated as I still have quite a few armies around that could use the same treatment!

I started working on this quest three weeks ago. I already had close to 80 warriors (half with spears) and 36 Stormvermin painted up.

Here's a list of all of the models which can currently be used as Ratkin for Kings of War:
Red - not started
Orange - being painted
Green - Done

40 Warriors
20 Warriors
20 Warriors (old models)
40 Warriors with spears
40 Warriors with spears (old models)
40 Shock Troops
20 Blight
6 Vermintide bases
1 Cannon
2 Weapon Teams
6 Brutes
20 Scurriers

10 Clawshots
5 Hackpaws
2 Death Engine
2 Mutant Rat-Fiend

3 Warlock
2 Assasin
1 Blight Lord
1 Enforcer

2 War Chief

Without further ado, some pictures of the units I finished since starting (bases will be finished late when I have more models done).


The rust on the swords looks better in person then on this picture.

Leader of the vermintide unit (former Squeel Gnawtooth) and Assasin


Warriors (these were very badly painted, green base and all, models from when I started the game. I cleaned them up and they look nice on the tabletop.

Full army so far including the other warriors, another assasin and the shock troops (Clan Mors red guard)