I've been mulling over some ideas for a smaller scale version of AoS along the lines of 40k's Combat Patrol. Here's what I've come up with so far...

Picking Your Warband
  • 500pts from Pitched Battle Profiles
  • 1-2 Leaders
  • 1+ Battleline
  • Any number of Other Units

Under Strength Units
On the warscroll of some units they can be smaller than stated on their Pitched Battle Profile. In games of Age of Sigmar Combat Patrol these units can be fielded as per their warscroll, just amend their points cost appropriately.

For example: The Sisters of Slaughter warscroll says the unit is 5 or more models but their Pitched Battle Profile says there can only be a minimum of 10 models in a unit, costing 160pts. If you wish you may field a unit of 5 Sisters for 80pts; half the number of models so half the cost in points.
I've not actually played a game yet, I've just been writing warband lists so I'm not quite sure what to do about the scenario or whatever they are called now. 40k's Combat Patrol has one mission with three objectives and then some extra VPs awarded for killing the leader, that kind of thing.

Anyone got any thoughts?