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I made a weather vane once, never again. Terrain need to be good for gaming.

Very nice paintwork on the bricks and rocks.
Yeah, I'm not going to try making another weather vane, it was a pain in the rear to get together right in the first place. It was mainly an idea to add detail to the top of the tower.

The brickwork was relatively easy. Just using several different greys and some dull red-browns (Mainly adjusted off of terracotta) along with a blue slate that works great.

For the rocks, I either started with the terra cotta and added a variety of thinned greys to them along with a nice drybrush of driftwood after a wash, I also did some portions of the rock that's part of the towers base with a mix of the slate and a darker grey that I then lightened for a second one.

Where it's a lot of smaller stones, I also used bits of other colors that work in smaller amounts such as a grass green and some browns along with the other colors.

The real key to it came from something I discovered a while back, the P3 flesh wash works extremely well for stonework.