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    Kaltheras' Medieval Miniatures

    So, while Warseer was down I started to get into Historical miniature gaming. I’ve been playing using the Warhammer Ancient Battles rule-set, which means individually based models (except for a few small multi-bases), and unit compositions of “whatever I want” instead of standard sizes. I’ve settled on the Holy Roman Empire as my force of choice as it gives me a long time period (early 1100’s through the end of the 1400’s), and it’s a force that incorporates a large number of mercenaries.
    In terms of miniature companies I’ve mostly used Old Glory Miniatures so far, with a smattering of GW figures. I’m open to using whatever miniature manufacturers strike my fancy (In fact I’ve got some Conquest Games knights just waiting to be painted). But I think that’s enough blathering for now, have some pictures.

    First we have a big unit of Mercenary Infantry with spears:

    These are Old Glory Miniatures Crusader infantry but I think they serve well a mercenary company formed during the Crusades and now seeking employ in central Europe. These are useful in the early period Holy Roman Empire army as they form the mainstay combat units for your army.

    Then we've got a unit of Mercenary Infantry with crossbows

    These are Old Glory Crusaders again and I've painted them with the same livery as the big spear unit to imply that they are from the same larger mercenary company.

    Here is the start of another big unit of Mercenary Infantry with spears, I've only got the 10 done so far and I haven't got the shields I want for them yet.

    Once again they're Old Glory, this time from their Medieval Polish range. The intent was to get very different looking infantry from the Crusades style, even though the technology level of their equipment is very similar, so that I can have very different looking mercenary companies that still form a consistent army.

    Finally in terms of units we’ve got my favorite for the army so far, a unit of Dismounted Knights.

    These are obviously only useable in the late period Holy Roman Empire army, in fact, since they’re in full plate, they should really only be used after 1450. I’ve gone for the painted armor look on these first 10, which was actually a much more common thing than people realize (though doubtless those of you who populate this project log section already know that). Now, technically these aren’t actually done yet as they still need their devices.

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