I was looking for this year's "what did you get?" thread!

I got the old 1990's underwater combat rules "Thunderball!" (formerly of Goblintooth Enterprises, now printed by MSD Games) and the book "Tabletop Wargames: A Designer's and Writer's Handbook" by Rick Priestly. Also a couple of War of Ashes miniatures.

I also got the card game "Coup" which is great if you like light strategy that involves bluffing, and a few expansions of the delightfully fun dungeon-building card game Boss Monster.

Nerdy but not necessarily gaming related, I got the trade paperback of Head Lopper, collecting the first few issues of that comic, several fun nerdy t-shirts, and some gift cards that went straight into various miniatures and hobby-related stuff, mostly Star Wars including a couple of eBay auctions for the old West End Games Star Wars miniatures rulebooks and a host of the WotC prepainted miniatures to be repainted.

So yeah, all things said and done a good year.