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First off, I'd argue that 2nd Ed. 40K was merely an expansion of Rogue Trader, so the definitive line is drawn on 3rd, and then redrawn on 6th, as they try to cram 2nd Ed. back IN.
There's no question that 2nd was the ultimate expression of what started out as RT. The 3rd ed is basically a different game that used the same models (for a while, at least).

Second, for me, the definitive edition of WFB would be 6th. They establish the structure and balance that I feel they had been aiming for, and only misstepped with the army books. For the Oldhammer crowd, they pretty much consider 3rd Ed. WFB to be the definitive edition. So we're looking at a Golden/Silver/Modern age thing, ala comic books.
There are quite a few people who like 5th the best and treat 6th (and what came after) as the WHFB equivalent to 3rd.

My point was that I don't know of any 40k player community that embraces one of the "intermediate" versions. There are the hard-core RT types, the 2nd ed. loyalists and the people who play whatever is current. 40k old-timers also benefit from the fact that the older editions didn't have nearly as many supplements.

WHFB has much more in the way of divisions, which makes coalescing behind a particular version more difficult.