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Thread: Annual Sprue sale

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    Annual Sprue sale

    Just to let everyone know.
    The annual warlord half price Sprue sale is on now.
    Unfortunately not including the old war games factory spruces but still a great way to stock up!
    1, 3000pt 28mm soviets bolt action all complete
    2, Romans in 6mm for warmaster ancients/hail Caesar - 1000pts partially painted
    3, Seleucid 6mm for warmaster ancients/ hail Caesar - 3000 painted and based
    4. Perry plastics for the lion rampant - complete
    5, 28mm ecw/ 30 years war army for pike and shotte- needs reprinting chipped models, rebasing and repiking, and rescuing horse from plastic/lead graveyard.
    6. 2000pts Imperial fists- getting yellower

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    Re: Annual Sprue sale

    I've already ordered a Ghar bomber sprue and 5 Ghar battle suits, that should expand my Xilos Horizon forces nicely.

    On top of that I've orders some Hail Ceasar & Bolt Action sprues, all for Antares conversions. Oh yeah, I also ordered the new starter set Kar'A Nine.

    Just got to get it all built once it arrives.

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    Re: Annual Sprue sale

    I ordered two sprues of Blitzkrieg Germans and one of soviet winter troops to convert to the former. Oh, and some more P&S horses because you can never have too many horses and they're generic enough to fit most settings, assuming you don't glue on the pistols.

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    Re: Annual Sprue sale

    Looks like some pretty good bargains in that sale.
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