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Thread: New Year's pledges for 2017

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    New Year's pledges for 2017

    Have you decided on any pledges for 2017 already? Any soon-to-be-discarded plans perhaps - or even some serious things you finally want to get done?

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    Re: New Year's pledges for 2017

    Over 20 years ago I made a New Year's resolution to never make another New Year's resolution, and I've actually been able to keep it consistently unlike some resolutions people make.

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    Re: New Year's pledges for 2017

    I haven't really got any, except giving myself some hobby time in 2017. Quitting snus would be a noble goal. Noble as in undoable.
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    Re: New Year's pledges for 2017

    World Domination.

    I've set an ambitious target of September 16th, 1948.

    I am concerned this timeframe might be a little too challenging.
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    Re: New Year's pledges for 2017

    Well, I have a plog to get done as part of a 'Tale of'

    Lets see if I can paint two models a month.
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    Re: New Year's pledges for 2017

    My new year's resolution: Eat healthy, proper diet, exercise regularly, healthy living and NEVER to tell a LIE

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