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Thread: Raising the Dead. And rats.

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    Raising the Dead. And rats.

    Greetings Warseer peeps (and apologies if the hangover impedes my writing ability)

    So while I was sorting out the Christmas decorations I uncovered 4 carry cases filled with those old deformed skeletons, the horrible original Skaven plastic monkey rats, and a bunch of other old miniatures. It turns out I still have about 4000 points of Warhammer armies (from 6th edition; no idea how these equate to modern points values). With all this stuff lying around a seed of an idea began to form.

    I was debating whether I should consider AoS. Two big issues come to mind. One is a lot of the units (zombies, clan rats, skeletons etc) are multi based and would need to come off (which raises the question of whether I should rebase everything on rounds)

    Secondly, and more significantly, do mass swarms work in AoS? These armies feature 50+ skeletons and zombies, and at least 70 Clanrats. Having played 40k with hoards of plague zombies I'm very aware that moving that many individual models is a pain in the bottom.

    How important is individual model placement in AoS (there are no templates as I understand it).
    Could I even play with multi bases if I assumed they were just sticking really close together?
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