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Thread: Thinking of starting Italians, any advice

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    Thinking of starting Italians, any advice

    I'm thinking of collecting Italians for bolt action (since they are about the only force no-one else in my area had at the moment, and could ally with anyone), and woundered if anyone had any advice on force composition, possible alternative models and any other useful information.
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    Re: Thinking of starting Italians, any advice

    When it comes to composition it really depends on what kind of games you and your gaming-group are looking for, if you are going for theatre specific lists or general ones for example.

    My gaming-group is mainly focused on specific theatres which restricts the composition a bit. We also have a tendency to build both sides in the theatre we have chosen to get balanced lists.

    But just by looking at the special army rules, try to avoid to take a lot of “easy” dice for your opponent. I personally haven't seen this rule as a big drawback since if you are down 3 dice your pretty much losing anyway.

    When it comes to models, I went with Warlord games minis, and I liked them a lot.

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