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Great colour schemes on both the Germans and the Brits.

Since I've been painting minis for this game for over a year, it was due time to acctually get to play with them as well.

I got to take control of the british forces and my friend the german forces, both somewhere around 1450 pts. And I can really recommend the game, it gave a new nerve to the Bolt Action game, and for us at least more of a “beer and pretzel” feel, which in my book isn't a bad thing.

I also think that both of us had to much hopes and fears for the rift tech troops, which ended up with those troops doing most of the work and taking most of the punishment.

British troops taking up defensive positions around the german objective.

And a german airstrike targeting my guardian light walker, fortunately just pinning it.

German re-animated corpses advancing

British heavy infantry taking aim at an german truck carrying some scheckwulfen.

And some automatons turn up to finish them off....which they failed and in turn got shredded in hand to hand combat with the wolves.