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I've only just discovered K47 and your stuff looks amazing. I like how the colours are 'historically correct' even if the minis are fiction. If that makes sense!
It makes perfect sense, and is somewhat planned, both from my part and actually from the game-designers as well. I heard one of them talk about that in some podcast, that even though it's fictional they want to keep a plausible feeling about it. And I like the feeling that gives.

And from my part I came into K47 from Bolt Action so I already have desert themed forces for Germans, Italian and the British so I try to keep the K47 stuff in the same colour-scheme as my BA units, but with more leeway for more “out there” bits whenever I feel the need.
And to be sure I'm not a “rivet-counter”, nonetheless I've tried to give my BA stuff somewhat correct colours, even in a broader sense, since I haven't gone for specific units.