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Thread: Make LotR great again!

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    Make LotR great again!

    I'm not talking about locking up the Haradrim and Easterlings.

    Does anyone know what GW's plans for SBG are? Will they retain the license? Is Forgeworld taking over?

    I really under appreciated the game when it was current, but now that I've been drinking member berry juice, I can't get enough of it. Too bad there's no one around me who plays...

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    Re: Make LotR great again!

    GW is committed to supporting SBG for the next 5 years minimum.
    They hired a new team including product manager, rules writer and sculptor a long while back and since then they have released the latest Hobbit book, there and back again, as well as several mini's from the last film that hadn't previously been created by GW.

    The new book and plastic terrain kit were released before Christmas and have sold out several times (GW cannot currently seem to stock them faster than the fans have bought them lol) the Lord of the Rings Grand Tournament at Warhammer World has made its return this year and also sold out.
    SBG is firmly supported.

    And don't feel likes its an unappreciated game that no one plays. The Lord of the Rings Community can arguably be the one reason GW kept going with supporting it and kept a thriving tournament and event scene alive over the years.

    I strongly recommend that if you're on facebook that you have a look at the Great British Hobbit League. (It's not just got members from the UK and has lots of American members, you might be able to find some opponents on there)
    It's the largest SBG group online to my knowledge. (It will also have a link to the DHCL which I believe is the American equivalent.)
    Other good links are: and if you put GBHL into youtube you will also find lots of SBG themed videos from painting to bat reps.

    Hope that helps
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