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Thread: shrubs' Historical Smorgasbord (CoC, Saga, Ronin, +more)

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    shrubs' Historical Smorgasbord (CoC, Saga, Ronin, +more)

    Hi all!

    I've been in and out of painting for the past 12+ years, and lurking on Warseer for at least 10 now. It's due time for me to share some of my work, especially after I mentioned I would in another thread

    To start, I mostly like historicals, though I do have some Warmahordes, Infinity, and Frostgrave laying around. Over a two or three week stretch of summer evenings after work I painted and logged a 15mm Chain of Command Winter War/Operation Barbarossa Soviet army. When I was ready to start the plog, WHAM, Warseer was down

    Better late than never, here they are in all their 83-man glory!

    The Soviets are in disarray after a bath! a vain attempt to keep them organized can be seen on the bases

    Ready for primer

    Some in progress shots:

    All Battlefront 15mm

    I actually wanted to paint up a Finnish platoon, but the Russians won out as to (1) get the horde out of the way and (2) a more utilitarian option for scenarios and opponents. I'll get back to my Finns. Someday!

    More in the next post!
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