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After digging out my Big Box of Cards and delving around it for half an hour or so, I managed to locate both of the cards that Galadrin and Arnizipal posted and I can inform that:

1.) The card that Arnizipal first posted is actually from the 5th edition magic supplement.
2.) The other card that Galadrin posted is instead from the 4th edition magic supplement.

The difference becomes evident once you check the reverse side of the card, since those are quite different for the two editions in style. 4th edition has identical reverse side for all items (black with magic colour circle and text "Magic Item") while the 5th edition reverse sides are more varied and include text specifying the type of the item and the name of the item.

As for why the designers decided to shorten the description while going from 4th to 5th edition I cannot say.
I... wow... that is bizarre. You know what, even the card itself looks better in 4th. This is just pushing me back to my conviction that 5e has the best rulebook (it's beautiful, it's clear, the rules work great) and 4e had the best supplements. The greatest edition for me is the 5e rulebook and battle book combined with the 4e army books, magic boxes, Chronicles of War and Chaos box set. I don't use 5e army books for that reason and I guess I'll steer clear of the 5e magic box as well!