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In my opinion, it's easy enough to stick to the story of "Faction X stole the McGuffin from faction Y, so faction Y gathered an army and is out for revenge".
With that simple story Tomb Kings could be invading Naggaroth and Chaos Dwarfs could end up in Loren Forest.

Most of the battles I play are pickup games anyway. No background justification needed.
Campaigns are something else of course, but in that case half the fun is coming up with scenario's and justifications for both factions to face off
I think The Old World was pretty much an open arena and most factions could find a way to get to each other.

Obviously, if you want a consistent world, there are alliances that don't really change (unless civil war), so certain combinations simply don't happen.

The thing is, GW is about selling miniatures first and foremost, the fluff always came second.