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Thread: Advice Wanted -- Basing

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    Advice Wanted -- Basing

    Hi all,

    I was recently throwing out some items that I had collected over the years (cut up bits of plasticard, unusual packaging, failed terrain projects etc.) and I stopped for a moment to quickly throw these bases together.

    But what do I put on them?

    I have an MKi Cygnar Battlegroup (link for reference), I was thinking about putting the warjacks on two of the 40mm and one of the 50mm bases. For the other 50mm base I was also thinking of putting a Steamborg Executioner (link for reference) from Malifaux on it. I just don't know, there might be better options out there.


    EDIT: FYI Currently the clock arms freely spin.
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    Re: Advice Wanted -- Basing

    Cool, I would almost save those for wound counters tbh especially for Malifaux - or for Aoinus hehe

    But assuming you didn't want ot keep them free spinning, I might suggest piling some rubble on them, like they were fallen clocktower pieces. You could get fancy and add a large piece of rubble, with some small figure, obviously squished beneath it, and perch your figures on top of the block (required pinning). Or just add some rubble, without the block too.

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    Re: Advice Wanted -- Basing

    Keep them for odd one-off minis I say. Sooner or later you'll run across something you wanna paint and which fits on that.

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