Hey all so i got a little confession to make Quest has been on the back burner for the last two weeks and i been concentrating my effects on another passion of mind for reasons that i couldn't control. If you have been following my blog, you'll know that my other passion for the hobby is SPACE HULK. Again anyone that follows knows i'm mad for not buying and using straight out of the box i have to customise it and with space hulk i have to make it my own and as these will be my only projects i want to make them stand out and i miss converting soooo rather than making one chapter of terminators which i could never decide i be combining space hulk with my favourite 40k fluff that they Do Deathwatch.

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and i don't mean like deathwatch overkill it will be space hulk with deathwatch terminators for fun, but when i went to my store i found forgeworld has stop making the shoulder pads of various chapters and are just doing fists and ultramarines (which they be stopping soon too giving you the heads up) GWS has stop doing the Deathwatch box of terminators and librarian, the blood angel version. so it be down to just having the start collecting, chapter master, marine box set, flyer and upgrade set. the captain and librarian you were paying the price of them and getting a free upgrade sprue in the box for the one shoulder pad on it.

so i been consentrating my effects in getting those boxes and resin shoulders pads which lead me to some awesome stuff and thoughts and oh i got to o this get that etc etc i'm not starting it just yet but i'm sooooooooo tempted as the ideas are bouncing around in my head for a new board too. so as i said before exciting times ahead