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Thread: "We are but pawns of the Great Game" A Warhammer Quest Tale

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    Re: "We are but pawns of the Great Game" A Warhammer Quest Tale

    Right i'm looking into starting my undead themed dungeon and wanting to see if people thought along the same lines as me with enemy vigour I got a list of enemies I be purchasing or making so the list represents what I hope to get in the future. skele I gone off their stats from the necromancer hero card. and kept the big baddies the same as the silver tower Gaunt Summoner and ogre wizard health bars stats but of course I will do special rules for each so they are challenging. Just wanted peoples thoughts

    Bat Swarm 1
    Giant Rats 1
    Giant Spiders 1
    Skeleton 2
    Skeleton with Shield 3
    Zombie 3
    Vicious Giant Spiders 3
    Vicious Giant Rats 3
    Fell Bats 4
    Crypt Ghoul 4
    Grave Guard 4
    Grave Guard with Shield 5
    Necromancer Apprentice 6
    Wight with Shield 6
    Blood Knight (Vampire) 6
    Wraith 6
    Tomb Banshee 7
    Crypt Horror 9
    Ghoul King 10
    Master Necromancer 10
    Vampire Lord 10
    Wight King 10

    I haven't included many things as to me you wouldn't have them in a dungeon not saying you couldn't but I'm happy with my thoughts, the only other thing I thought I could put in was spirit hosts but I got a terrain feature i'm using them for so don't want to have a model for that in game.
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