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Thread: "We are but pawns of the Great Game" A Warhammer Quest Tale

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    Re: "We are but pawns of the Great Game" A Warhammer Quest Tale

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    So I wanted to try and keep as much of the original as possible, The detailed information that the adventure and rulebook had in descriptive text Is great to read and work with in trying to bring this character back too life (no pun intended)

    Now the way I always saw the Dread King is that he is chair bound to the throne of power. He never leaves the throne for it supplies a lot of his power, being a liche lord he studied the dark arts and necromancy, but I always thought that he is frail physically now. And I couldnít get it into my head that he was modelled in a chair and was in every room sitting in a chair (being young at the time) So I always believed he use his magic to move his magical spirit around the catacombs and that is what the warriors encountered out of the throne room itself.
    So I was able to use the original rules for placing the Dread King and subtly changed what happens when the heroes encounter the king in a room. I also wanted the throne to be powerful so its healing ability would work for this situation. Being the head boss like the gaunt summoner I didnít want to make the vigour higher than the summoner as thatís the way Iím trying to make new characters is off the vigour chart that Gws is using in ST and SOH. So being a spirit and halving his vigour for small rooms I believed would be a good idea so its not as hard as the last event but is a powerful encounter to come across.

    His behaviour chart was another thing I wanted to really put effect into as he hasnít got one to go off, but like I said the amount of descriptive writing through all the undead, vampire count army books have given me a well of information that I can use. His chart I wanted it to be just spells from a powerful necromancy book as he is in a throne so I thought ruling wise unless heís adjacent to a model he attack combat but when not he can cast spells and have a missile attack each turn. I included the subtract 2 form his chart rolls from the Gaunt Summoner rules I thought would work well like I said about his spirit being powerful but not as powerful as the real thing encountered in the objective room.

    Now the Tomb Guardians I wanted them to be special to the king and not a separate card where he goes they go etc. and I never thought of the king having a army of personnel guards but he raised four really powerful all kings or great knights from their burial grounds and controls them to be his personnel guard to protect him while the other skeletons make up the bulk of his army. Again I didnít want another card so I place them on his card but like a automatic warrior so there are not needed to act on a chart. All they do is each turn move and attack simple no messing around. I also wanted to so how powerful the king is but not waste a action or a turn raising any tomb guardians back from being slain by the heroes. So again I did like a automatic action which is like a behind the scenes power of the king where when a guardian fails, a wave of his hand and their return fresh to the fold.

    In the original and back in the day of Gws dispel dice was used strongly and the king was well known for this so I wanted to represent this, I got the idea from the chaos lord mighty adversary card with his armour but I thought it would also work for magic based missile attacks. Lastly for his abilities I really wanted to somehow use the old Terror Rules to represent how powerful the king is but every thought of a rule (5 different ways) wouldnít work so again I used the gaunt summonerís ability to lose a action dice which I believed worked out well.

    Lastly I wanted his behaviour chart to be unique, each number a different situation to happen to represent the different spells at his dissposal. With his subtract 2 from his chart as well I knew I needed the 5 and 6 rolls to be really evil or cunning so hopefully the chart and the rules I put together truly makes for a good end baddie and do justice to the original.
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