OK Richard I have been superbusy lately so no time to check in. First off all merry Christmas to you and your lovely family. I love all your hero cards hadn't seen the Barbarian before and I love it really brings back the original. Also the witch hunter is great as for the difference between the pistols and the crossbow I think you need to add more cards to have a whole grp of witch hunters amother melee one with a big silver sword and one that does signs or just a warrior priest or another character. The Ud cards really seem to be a complete dungeon now the Vamps are great I don't think they are too powerful the vamp lord should create a uh ooh feeling when he steps on the board and be able to take a player out. As for the dreadking I agree that's it's weird he appears in his astray form in a chair maybe have 2 models one with skin and just have him appear to mess around like the summoner does and the rotting Ud skeleton stuck in his chair in the final room. Looking forward to seeing more of him. My camera broke soon as I got it fixed I will start updating my own blog