Hi all so a update with models i have ordered. I had place an order with Hasselfree Miniatures for a female Warrior Priest and a Male Barbarian Warrior awhile back but had no reply other than confirmation of the order. i emailed them and rang the number printed on their website to have any contract as to if there was a problem backlog or just contact with the company to know the whereabouts of my purchase but had no success in any communication. i then decided to tap in hasselfree into google to find pages upon pages of on going problems with orders where people haven't had their orders for from the last i seen on their facebook page when they posted were at salute this year to ask about their order 6 months ago, the posts read on and on. From numerous forums and a very close friends knowledge 2018 was a very bad year personally to the owner of the company and has trouble since with legit reasons mounted up. In turn no doubt a massive back log, no doubt their going through. But i cannot wait on something which till this day hasn't reply a email or phone call. So i have cancel my order and will be looking elsewhere. I have nothing against Hasselfree i wish them all the best for the future and hope they can turn their train around to a better future.