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Thread: Hello all. Old user, lost in the warp, re-emerges as a Spacehulk

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    Hello all. Old user, lost in the warp, re-emerges as a Spacehulk

    Hello peoples. Long time not seen. I used to be a somewhat rare poster back in the day. I was following this forum back when it was Portent. Lots of things happened, new editions, I moved to a different country, and now I'm back where I started. Well, not exactly, but you get the point.

    First things first. I'm James, I live in Bristol UK now and I used to collect and play 40k (and rarely Warhammer Fantasy Role Play) back from the 1st edition. I love painting, but some circumstances in my life (up until now) wouldn't allow me to do even that. I used to play, but I haven't played in a long time now. I recently bought a compressor and an airbrush, and I want to start painting again. I have amassed a huge number of models over the years.

    So, what is going on here? I've been away so long, I don't think the people who used to write here are still around anymore. Apparently, it is more quiet these days.

    Please feel free to fill in any gaps you deem necessary. It's nice to be here again
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    Re: Hello all. Old user, lost in the warp, re-emerges as a Spacehulk

    Hi there!

    It's been busy enough. Bit of a re-organisation of the forums and a refocus. Some users have gone and come back, some lurk and some have joined after years of lurking.

    Though Random Musings is still pretty much the same haha.

    Welcome back to WarSeer.

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    Re: Hello all. Old user, lost in the warp, re-emerges as a Spacehulk

    I too was there the day Horus killed the Emperor Portent fell. Welcome home!
    Some of us from the ol' Portent days are still here. Some of us, like myself, have long fallen out of the hobby, some are still very much active. Stick around for a while and see how things have changed
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