I have a small update.

I received a commission after selling some terrain to a customer and he had a close friend who was interested and got on to me straight away about creating a dwarf inspired set but changed his mind (thankfully before production began) to a snowed over industrial set and I fell in love and ran with the concept. I drew up heaps of sketches and saved picture after picture of reference for use and have started construction after a long and difficult move to a new home.

This building would be just for repairs and gearing up of the vehicles or machinery of war. The buildings are 6x12" with cuts down the middle so they can be split apart to cover wider areas or put together to form a cluster of industry.

A prep station with fuel tanks and the needed tools of war. The machine must grind on!

Because he was so keen and I had these lying around, I made customer objectives also for the set.

More updates soon! I am really keen on this project as a whole. Painting will be so much fun. I have a lot of ideas.