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Thread: The Other Side (Kickstarter)

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    The Other Side (Kickstarter)

    There is just over a day left of Wyrd games latest kickstarter.
    The Other Side is a large scale battle game set in the same game universe as Malifaux and Through the Breach.
    More details here:
    It looks pretty promising, to be honest I'm a little surprised that it has only had $270k pledged, these games often can reach much more than that.
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    Re: The Other Side (Kickstarter)

    $337,488 in total isn't bad

    What is the appeal of the otherside then? Is it Malifaux but mass battle? Or completely different?
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    Re: The Other Side (Kickstarter)

    Its larger malifaux, but I wouldn't say 'mass' battles.

    It looks interesting, but for the model count you get, I didn't think it was very competitive with similar projects. Its got more funding than I was expecting, but things that hit the higher numbers normally go for more value over quality... Although I don't have any wyrd miniatures, so can't compare (and these will be different board game plastic?).

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    Re: The Other Side (Kickstarter)

    The fact that most of this is 20% off MSRP could explain why the number didn't get higher. Most online stores I've checked lately offer Wyrd products for 30% off anyway.

    I like the strangeness of Malifaux. This looks tame in comparison. Giving it a pass for now.

    And I'll vouch for the quality of Wyrd's usual plastic. They have had a few problems with consistency in scale but the material is awesome.
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    Re: The Other Side (Kickstarter)

    I backed it , far as Im aware its larger scale malifaux but on earth ( different factions too) with single piece plastics , which is a massive bonus as long as they maintain the malifaux look.
    Will report in more detail next year

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