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Thread: My new Obsession: Bloodbowl

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    Re: My new Obsession: Bloodbowl

    OK... next team - Amazons

    Arrived in the post on Friday...

    I need to move them all to 32mm bases

    These blaclscoprion models are *really nice!

    Going for a white and gold colour scheme... I *hate* shading white!

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    Re: My new Obsession: Bloodbowl

    Very nice! The amazons look like really cool mini's - i like the test scheme [I share your aversion to shading white!]. Excellent painting across all the teams so far!
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    Re: My new Obsession: Bloodbowl

    Ditto for the Amazons; colour scheme is really cool though it does make me instantly think She-Ra.
    (Not that that's a bad thing, She-Ra kicked ass!)
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