As for the time being, no, you can't purchase anything new WFRP related, neither PDFs, not PODs. FFG did put up a print-on-demand service for some 2nd edition titles in the last years, but since the announcement of them losing the licence, all materials on DriveThru have been taken down: only people who already bought some titles continue to be able to download them. And now, since the passing of the distribution license to Cubicle 7, PDFs of WFRP are marked C7 and not FFG anymore.

I'm actually quite curious about a possible new edition: C7 produces top-notch RPG material, both from a writing and an artistic point of view (their layouts are really good too).

Taking in account how much right feel and atmosphere they manage to put in their licensed products (Tolkien's Middle Earth and Doctor Who come to mind), I'm really eager to see their possible take on the Old World. Also, not forgetting that they are a really British company at heart: looking at their pedigree, if you discount the translations of the Le Septieme Circle's RPGs (Kuro, Quin:The Warring States, Yggdrasil, Keltia), almost anything they produc(ed) in-house was and is "made in the U.K.".

From the beginning with SLA Industries, through their FATE-based games (Starblazer Adventures and Legends of Anglerre), their Mythos RPGs (Chtulhu Britannica, World War Chtulhu, The Laundry), the Lone Wolf Adventure Game (based on the legendary gamebook series), Primeval, Victoriana, Rocket Age and, again, the big licenses (The One Ring RPG, Adventures in Middle Earth for D&D 5th edition, Hobbit Tales from the Green Dragon Inn, Doctor Who RPG, Doctor Who: The Card Game, Dalek Dice), one can clearly see the trend.