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Thread: Mouse problems in Windows 10, Please Help!

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    Mouse problems in Windows 10, Please Help!

    Last year I made the mistake of upgrading my computer to Windows 10, and ever since they put out the anniversary update my mouse has not worked properly. It keeps freezing up every so often (accompanied by a beep), before moving again normally after a few seconds. Sometimes this happens occasionally, other times it keeps going on and off over and over again. In addition the keyboard sometimes stops working as well.

    I've tried everything I can think of to fix this problem, updated all the drivers and I keep switching ports to in case that makes any difference. Sometimes the problem seems to go away, but it always comes back.

    Short of reinstalling Windows 7 does anyone have any ideas how I could solve this problem once and for all?
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    Re: Mouse problems in Windows 10, Please Help!

    I would have probably not done an upgrade if that is what you did. Maybe just reinstall it all fresh

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    Re: Mouse problems in Windows 10, Please Help!

    Windows 10 is in an awkward phase at the moment - not enough patches are out to solve all of the issues on all the different makes of PCs/Laptops/Phones.

    With Windows it's a case of waiting a few years for the current version to work, just in time for them to upgrade again. Unless you are a fan of community patches that is, in which case there is probably a lot out there.

    Does this link help at all? Pretty basic, but may be something you haven't tried.
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