Resting On One's Laurels:

Before I get too smug and self-satisfied I just repaired the interior of my Warlord. and I was surprised at the lengths my OCD drove me three or so years ago. As I contemplate doing an interior for my Emperor Titan I thought I'd refresh myself on my previous construction.

Over the years the glue had lost it's grip on the aluminum impregnated wall coatings I used for much of this model inside and out and pieces were rattling around inside. I found some two decks down in the Engineering bay.

Anyway once all put together I fired up the interior lighting (surprisingly it all functioned) and took these images so I don't have to disassemble it again until when and if I decide to upgrade the paint.

So here's five pictures of the Command deck and Tech Priest balcony replete with Altar to the Machine God, Omnissiah.

Starting with the egress to the Command deck through the entry port.

I don't know if I've posted these or not other than in the construction phase. Most certainly not on Facebook or any of the new forums I frequent.

The upper left Gallery and a view of the Altar

and the right Gallery.......

I've gotta straighten that railing.............

Never mind the railing Blackadder; What about that bloody great hole in the deck?