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Thread: Blackadder's Attempt To Build a Lucius Patten Imperator Titan 'Invictus'

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    Re: Blackadder's Attempt To Build a Lucius Patten Imperator Titan 'Invictus'

    Quote Originally Posted by Inquisitor Engel View Post
    I don't think I'd quite realized the scale until that picture. Is that Warlord roughly the size of the FW version? (Also, Lucius Pattern Warlord is best pattern Warlord!)

    I've come to the conclusion that this is just very elaborate cosplay based on the size. :P
    I've based my Warlord on the Dave Smith model

    by scrupulously measuring the bitz present in the Smith model and projecting the rest of the components based on those measurements. My version stands 28 inches tall as does Mr Smith's model so they are both to approximately the same scale. Mr Smith's model appears slightly more robust than mine.

    I believe the FW Warlord is 23 inches tall depending on how it is posed unless someone can apprise me to the contrary. In a static straight legged pose I am betting no taller than 24.5 inches. (I also think the FW model's legs are too short.)

    My Warlord is a scale 160 feet tall and I am projecting my Emperor will scale out to about 240 feet tall at this time rather taller than when I began this project.

    Thanks for the reply.
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