Don't know if anybody out here (still) plays this, but yesterday a new DLC for Blood Bowl 2 with Khemri and Chaos Dwarfs was released: Also a Team pack, a bundle deal with all the DLC's released thusfar is available now (at ~half price compared to getting all the DLC's seperately).

Also Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition was announced for later this year (earliest this summer). It contains 8 new races (for a total of 24) including a new Kislev team based on the Slann rules which has a Tamed Bear

Content of the Official Expansion

8 new races
Pro Elves
Kislev (based on the rules of Slanns)
For a total of 24 races (the current 14 + Chaos Dwarfs + Khemri + 8 new)

Swiss system competition

Resurrection Mode
No lasting SPP/injuries between each round.
Evolution of teams between each round set in TV.

Team Editor
Choose a race and get unlimited gold, as well as the option to add any skill/stat/injury.
These teams get a tag “custom team” which can be banned from a league.
Our goal with the combo “team editor + resurrection mode + Swiss system” is to give the opportunity to players to experience the rules played on tabletop.

New solo campaign mode
Any race.
Perpetual campaign.
You have a map where you can go from a competition to another.
Less cinematics/story and more freedom.

A brand new stadium based on the “Khemri” theme

Mercenary teams
Teams composed of players picked from different races.
Several groups of teams you can pick your players from (i.e “Elf team” = Pro Elf, WE, HE, DE).
These teams will also have a specific tag – they won’t be allowed in Champion Ladder for example.

Star Player team
Teams composed of 16 Starplayers.
These teams will have a specific tag as well.

New chat tab in a league
Accessible by all coaches with a team registered in the league.

Post-match chat
You can discuss with your opponent even after the end of the game, as long as you stay on the “end of the match” screen.

Manual seeding in competitions.

Possibility to play a league with a mix of human players and AI teams.

AI enhancement
The AI will now takes into account the current turn of the game (and not cross the pitch with dwarfs at turn 16).

Optional skills
It’s been discussed a lot with the community – more skills will be optional (Kick, Pass, Grab, Side Step, Dodge, Tackle, Fend, Tentacles, Stand Firm, Break Tackle).

Free Camera Mode

Save during a singleplayer match.

Option to deactivate ageing in solo.

Enhanced Competition Administration
Possibility to admin a match in details (to decide TDs, injuries, SPP…)

A pause system in multiplayer
3 pauses per player per game.
No time limit to a pause.
Any player can unpause at anytime during a pause (even 5 seconds after a player paused).
Players can use the chat during the pause.

FAME displayed during a match

New cheerleader models (not one per team, but a bit more diversity).

Cheerleaders will have the same colors as the team they're supporting.

Option to display the tooltip in dices probability (“2+” instead of “83%”).

A lot more Starplayers
We aim at 50 Starplayers total.
They won't all have a "premium skin" but we want to make them all available gameplay-wise.

Option to mute chat in match

Option to ban players from a competition in-game.

A lot of other small things – mainly “quality of life” improvements.

95% of the content of the Legendary Edition is directly taken from your feedback and suggestions about Blood Bowl 2 since launch. Thanks for being this commited and enthusiastic toward Blood Bowl!
Here's a link to the full description of BB2 LE with some more piccies: