...and I've now had time to finish off the first Terminator.


  • Basecoat: Fenrisian Grey
  • Highlight: Administratum Grey

I wasn't entirely sure about the choice of highlight. But then what else should you use to highlight from Fenrisian Grey?

You can also see that I painted the weapon using the same techniques as other parts of the model (red, silver, gold).


I painted what was left of this Genestealer to match his living counter-parts (see earlier in this thread for details). I then wanted to add some blood, but "Blood for the Blood God" didn't seem right - humans bleed red, not gribbly space aliens!

So first I painted the veins:
  • Basecoat: Xereus Purple
  • Shade: Druchii Violet
  • Edge Highlight: Genestealer Purple - had to use it on at least one Genestealer right?!
  • Blood: 1:3 mix of 'Ardcoat and Carroburg Crimson, applied in 2 coats (2nd coat focusing on middle of bloodied areas)

So now I just need to pick up the pace a little and start cranking out more finished models!