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    Re: Model Box : random miniatures subscription?

    So, my first box arrived today and it was okay. Possibly not the best theme to start on.

    So this month's theme was WAR, by which the curators of Model Box meant WW2. The box itself wasn't very big, but probably too big to go through most letter boxes.

    The miniatures themselves were a good selection of nice miniatures, the first was a blister of Warlord Games Bolt Action German High Command, this is a kind of little vignette of three 28mm early war german officers stood around a small table with a map. I actually have a small German force for Bolt Action, so this is a nice addition for me. This is the miniature linky.

    The second was quite a good one, not for a game I play, it was the Puma expansion for the Gale Force 9 game TANKS, this is a set that can be made into a Puma or a Pak-Wagon, it comes with a number of game cards for TANKS. Apparently it is identical to the model for Flames of War, so could be used for that (or any other 15mm WW2 wargame). Again linky.

    The final model was a one piece resin scenery thing from Javis Scenics, it's a foxhole and appears to be in scale with the 28mm Germans. It's not terribly exciting, but a nice cast and an easy addition to any WW1 to Sci fi battlefields. Link.

    As well as the models, there were a pair of Team Yankee paints (Woodland Brown and Ordnance Shade) which I assume were selected to go with the Germans. And a Rosemary and Co paint brush.

    A couple of points in general, the contents of the box seem to come to a total value of 23, the box costs ~28 with postage, so although it's a nicely curated box, and nice to have a surprise selection, it's not a great value selection.

    The box could do with a note explaining what and why was in the box, I've had a number of these mystery boxes in the past and they have all had a bit of info on what you've got and a tease of what's coming next. It would have been a quick and easy thing to have a paragraph or two about Bolt Action and TANKS and maybe a super brief painting guide.

    The next box has the theme of Bombshells, so I'd expect some female character models.

    Although I haven't been massively impressed with the box, in wasn't particularly disappointed either, so think I'll stick in it for next month and see what happens...
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