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    Oh, yeah, I have been absolutely rocking Shovel Knight lately, however the Wii U version, Plague of Shadows, which will most likely differ slightly from the Switch version.

    I must say it is definitely one of the best games to come out lately. Unfortunately it is severely underrated. There is a line of thinking amongst young people these days that if a game doesn't sport the latest 3D graphics it can't be good. To which I say, what is the point of high end graphics when the game simply sucks (hello every Sonic game since 2006).

    Judging Shovel Knight on its own merits, I have to say that it's an absolute blast. The gameplay is extremely crisp and precise, which should be standard for a platformer but unfortunately this is not always the case (again hello Sonic). I have never encountered a bug or glitch, EVER, and the level design especially in the later stages can be challenging but is always fair. There is a way around every challenge the devs put in your way, and it's mostly about figuring out what works best. As your arsenal expands you get more and more tricks to play with and enjoy a certain amount of liberty when choosing your strategy. There is always more than one way to beat a boss, but you will likely have to face them a few dozen times to figure out their attacks and patterns.

    As for the game itself, you play as the hero, Shovel Knight (duh) who has to defeat the evil Enchantress and her Order of no Quarter, but depending on the version there is also the option to play as a member of the Order, meaning you get to actually be the bad guy. Depending on the character you choose gameplay will be changed dramatically, and bosses and stages that gave you a hard time as Shovel Knight will suddenly be a breeze or vice versa.

    Shovel Knight could be best described as a hybrid between the classic Mega Man formula and the legendary NES Duck Tales. All the characters just ooze personality and have strong themes attached to them, just like the Robot Masters of yore. However there is also a strong treasure hunting aspect to the game; you will want to explore every nook and cranny for Magic Items and you will constantly be longing for money to purchase upgrades. The world itself is created with incredible attention to detail and the devs have gone that extra mile to include countless easter eggs, extra animations and surprises for those who would bother looking which tells you that this game was made by truly passionate people. Also, the soundtrack is top notch and you don't get to hear stuff like that much anymore.

    So, if you are not repelled by the retro style, I can absolutely, 100% recommend Shovel Knight; it looks old-fashioned but when you play it you will realize it is absolutely state of the art.
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