Hi all, I've been working on my own game idea, Age of Bronze, for a few years and though I was thinking of 28mm I've recently been toying with the idea of starting in 40mm scale so I thought I'd grab a handful of minis just to see what they are like. I am also kinda tempted to make a whole SAGA force in 40mm so this should give me enough time to get the painted before Salute incase I decide to pick up more minis.

Anyway, though my own game is set in the early european bronze age there aren't any minis available anymore; Monolith Designs did sell some but they have since ceased trading. In the end I decided to grab some of the England Invaded minis from Hoka Hey Wargaming. I ordered the Pict Noble and a pack of Saxon Warriors; the customer service was brilliant, Alan is a great chap.

So my plan here is to check out the scale and then if I like them, actually try to sculpt some minis of my own for Age of Bronze. First things first though, I need to build and paint my new 40mm minis.

Here's a few pics...

AS you can see I've already started on the Pict Noble. The casts are great with only a bit of pitting on the horse, which will be covered by the rider anyway, so that will actually help the glue bond. I can already see the minis have a great sense of presence; interestingly though the noble towers over
the Eldar Guardian and the Wargames Factory Numidian (both 28mm scale(ish)) he's pretty much the same height as a Stormcast mini (not shown). So 40mm is GWs new fantasy scale...?

My next step then is to finish building these fellas up then I can crack out the paints.