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Thread: Crits - Love em or Hate em?

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    Crits - Love em or Hate em?

    Do you like the crit mechanic in infinity?

    That 5% chance of hitting them right between the eyes - is it cinematic or does it break the immersion when a khazak line troop crits your TAG who needs 18s or less by rolling a 2?

    Should crits be limited to the active players turn?
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    Re: Crits - Love em or Hate em?

    Love 'em.
    Otherwise, you end up with [insert name]Star units that are unstoppable in game, and I don't want to go back to those games.
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    Re: Crits - Love em or Hate em?

    I like it, gives at least a chance of getting a hit on some beastly TAG when it comes stomping over against my line unit

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